License Renewal Requirements

Mandatory Courses for Licensees (for each renewal period)

Mandated training for DEA registrants (one-time, 8-hour requirement)

The following requirements apply to all prescribers:

  • Only prescribers who are renewing their DEA registration or who intend to register with the DEA are required to complete the training.
  • The training must be completed before DEA registration or by the first renewal of DEA registration occurring on or after June 27, 2023.
  • The training is required to be completed only once; it will not need to be repeated nor will additional training be required before subsequent renewals of DEA registration.
  • The eight hours of training do not need to be completed through a single course.
  • The course must focus on “the treatment and management of patients with opioid or other substance use disorders.”

The following courses offered by ADA can also be applied toward the federal training requirement. Most of these courses are free to tripartite members:

CDA: Regulatory Compliance Manual

This manual provides sample written plans and forms to assist a dental practice in Cal/OSHA compliance, and also contains information on waste management. It is designed to provide practical information in a summarized manner in regard to the subject matter covered. While regularly reviewed and updated as needed, it is provided with the understanding that the association and others that are associated with this publication are not engaged in rendering legal, technical or other professional service. You can view it HERE.


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