CPR Requirements

The Dental Board requirement for all license holders (ADHP’s and dentists) is every two years.  During the same time period as the licensee’s renewal period, the licensee must renew his/her CPR certification using the following criteria.

“As part of the continuing education requirements, each licensee shall complete, at least once every two years, a course in basic life support approved by the American Red Cross of the American Heart Association.  Each licensee who holds a general anesthesia permit shall take and complete, at least once very two years, either (1) an advanced cardiac life support course which is approved by the American Heart Association and which includes an examination on the materials presented in the course or (2) any other advanced cardiac life support course which is identical in all respects, except for the omission of materials that relate solely to hospital emergencies or neonatology, to the course entitled “Guidelines 2000 for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care” published by the American Heart Association in August 2000, which is incorporated herein by reference.”  – – – CCR 1017 (a)1(b).”

The California State Board of Dental examiners regulates only licensees; therefore, unlicensed dental assistants are not required to complete CPR, although many dentists ask that their unlicensed staff participate in these courses.  A bill (SB1541) expected to take effect in 2008 will require that unlicensed assistants also obtain the required courses of education consistent with current licensees, including CPR, but now, this is not a requirement.

Caution:  It should not be assumed that just because an independent provider of CPR training is AHA or Red Cross approved/equivalent, that they are also a Board approved CE provider!  If they are not, although they will be able to provide you with your recertification, you will not receive Continuing Education credits for the class.

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